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I am a/an:

  • Employed Professional

    (Billing under your employer’s business name)

    • Errors & Omissions
    • Individual Cyber Security & Privacy Liability
  • Business Owner

    (Independent Contractors & Business Owners/Operators)

    • Errors & Omissions
    • Cyber Security & Privacy Liability
    • Commercial General Liability
    • Commercial Legal Expense
    • Employment Practices Liability (or Directors’ & Officers’ Liability if you have a Board of Directors)
    • Property/Contents, Crime & Business Interruption if you have valuable contents

  • Errors & Omissions

    As a Management Consultant, your clients depend on you to deliver professional services and advice. If your advice causes, or even is alleged to have caused a client to suffer a financial loss, you might be found liable in court and have to pay compensation to them. This is the type of liability that is covered by Errors & Omissions Insurance.

  • Commercial General Liability

    (Independent Contractors & Business Owners/Operators)

    Commercial general liability insurance (CGL) provides coverage to protect against claims arising from injury or property damage that you (or your business) may cause to another person as a result of your operations and/or premises (for example, a client may slip and fall on a wet floor and injure themselves) This coverage is recommended for CMC-Canada members who own or operate businesses. Coverage is also recommended for independent Management Consultants who contract out their services or bill under their business name.

Additional Business Coverages

  • Property / Contents, Crime & Business Interruption if you have valuable contents

    This insurance protects your business and the contents within from losses associated with property damage (such as fire) and crime. Contents Coverage protects against damage to property, including professional equipment, and loss of revenues caused by an interruption of business activities arising from an insured loss. Crime Coverage insurance protects against financial loss due to dishonesty, fraud, or theft of money, securities or other property owned by the business/office.

  • Commercial Legal Expense

    Commercial Legal Expense coverage insures your business against the legal costs and expenses of resolving many types of legal disputes, such as employment, property, tax, criminal and personal injury. This coverage also includes unlimited telephone access to a lawyer for advice on any legal matter affecting your business.

  • Cyber Security & Privacy Liability

    Cyber liability is one of the fastest growing areas of risk impacting both individual professionals and business owners.

    There are two Cyber coverage options available to choose from:
    1) Add $50,000 of Cyber Risk coverage to the Errors & Omissions (Professional Liability) policy for $150.
    2) Purchase a stand-alone $1M Cyber Security & Privacy Liability policy. $90 for individuals. Pricing starts at $575 for businesses.

  • Employment Practices Liability

    Do you employ administrative and/or professional staff? Does your business engage independent contractors or volunteers? Employment Practices Liability coverage protects you and your business against allegations of employment practice violation, including wrongful termination, discrimination, workplace harassment, and other employment related allegations.

  • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability

    Directors and Officers have a legal responsibility to perform their duties in good faith, act within the confines of the organization’s bylaws, and place the interests of their organization and any stakeholders above their own.

    Lawsuits against businesses and their directors can stem from any number of reasons, including but not limited to:

    • Improper fundraising, improper revenue reporting or mishandling of donations or employee benefits plans.
    • Defamation
    • Improper Employment Practices or violations of employee legislation such as wrongful dismissal, harassment, discrimination, or improper classification of employees.
  • Travel Medical

    Available to CMC-Canada members and their families, the CMC-Canada Travel program offers a level of protection that many other products simply cannot match.

    Whether you’re traveling with your family or flying solo; taking short, frequent trips or planning an extended vacation, the CMC-Canada Travel program has a solution for you.

    Rest easy knowing that unexpected medical emergency costs will be taken care of. The CMC-Canada Travel program delivers a comprehensive and cost-effective travel insurance solution that offers:

    • High limits - $10,000,000 limit (per person per injury or sickness)
    • Coverage enhancements – Do you need to get your whole family (including pets!) home early because one person got sick? Do you need someone to join you in another country to accompany you home because you got injured? Don’t worry, these are just some of the extra ways your plan has you covered.
    • Flexibility – coverage for long or short trips; families or solo travellers
    • Hassle-free payments – you don’t need to coordinate with provincial plans, government plans or other insurers; report it to us and we take care of it.
    • 24/7 Toll Free Worldwide Assistance – Help when you need it most
    • Convenience – purchase coverage any time, for single trips or an annual plan

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    How to Apply:

    Please contact BMS to apply at or call 1-844-200-7041.